Resins in the dental lab

The newest generation of resin - PEEK,PEKK

It is the newest type of high quality material which has similar characteristics to human bones. It is made using the CAD/CAM method. 


More about PEEK a PEKK materials



The correct use of composite resins - inlay,onlay


Quality composite materials are mainly used in the dentist’s office for making dental fillings. But it is difficult to create larger parts of a tooth in the office, that’s why these teeth restorations are done in the dental lab. 



Modern PMMA resins

These new generation resins are still used for making provisional dentures. We create them using the CAD/CAM method, they are milled from a factory made resin disc. They look quite nice, do not contain metal, can be polished to a high shine and are precise so they can be used for even long-term provisional dentures.

More information will be added soon.  


Dentures and resin

25 years ago resin was the most commonly used material.  A typical fixed denture used to have a metal back side and the front and the chewing part were made of resin. But soon the resin would wear off and the metal became visible. That’s why we no longer use these types of dentures. 


Dentures and composite resins

Some dental labs have only replaced soft types of resin with better quality composite resins and continue to facet metal structures in the manner shown on the picture.

The denture may look quite nice from the front but would you really want to have something like this in your mouth?




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