Choosing the shade of a dental crown from a photograph

If we are replacing all the anterior incisors it is not always necessary to imitate the yellow shade of the original teeth. Especially female patients will appreciate a whiter shade. The biggest mistake is to choose the shade from the incisors which are naturally yellower than other teeth. But most of the time it is necessary to create the exact shade of the teeth. The most precise method is choosing from a photo. 

How to take photos of teeth


The photo must include one or more sample teeth. The sample should be in the same distance from the lens as the original tooth.



A shared foulder on Dropbox

We use Dropbox with our dentists dropbox.comAll you need to do is make a shared foulder. You upload the photo to this file in your office and we can immediately see it on our tablets in the lab. Then we layer the ceramic based on the photo. 



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