Full zirconia dental prosthetics

Full zirconia crowns and bridges

Full-anatomical zirconia in the posterior section of the teeth is a cheap and simple solution for dentists who want to use a full ceramic dental prosthetic without the risk of chipping. The insurance company pays 184 CZK more for full-ceramic than for other fixed prosthetics. 



The advantages of full zirconia crowns: 

Precise           there are made using CAD/CAM with the precision of 0.01mm.

Strong             -  their strength is  1 200 MPa.  

Reliable      -  no chipping.

Convenient        the insurance company pays 182 CZK more than for PFM.

Esthetics       -   they are made of shaded zirconia. 

Simple  -  no need to file to a shoulder.


Scanning zirconia dental prosthetics

is timewise and financially less demanding than PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal). I use a diamond dental bur ball in green or blue coarseness.   I make a vertical incision with the vestibular face which I finish at the chewing or incising face.  The incision does not need to be a gingival cut through the whole framework. Then I use a dental lever to crack the crown open like a walnut.

With PFM it is  better to use a diamond milling cutter than a special on for CrCo. The framework must be cut all the way to the  neck which means a bigger risk of damaging the gums around the neck. 

MUDr.Petr Kahánek

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