Traditional complete dentures and partial dentures

They replace missing teeth. If they replace all the teeth we call them complete full dentures. If there is at least one tooth left we call them partial dentures.

They are made of a special type of plastic and factory made plastic teeth.  Partial dentures are attached to your own teeth by metal wires and they are often hardened with a metal construction. 


Flexible partial dentures

In the 3rd millennium we have been able to create materials that allow us to replace all the uncomfortable metal parts in dentures. Thanks to their flexibility the clasps are located by the tooth’s neck which makes the denture hold better. They are also a lot more comfortable for patients and look better too because they naturally blend with the gums. 

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Manufacturers of flexible dentures

One of the oldest and best-known manufacturers is the Argentinian company Deflex. Other brands are Flexite, Vertex and Sabilex. The first flexible dentures were very difficult to polish which resulted in a high absorbability of the dentures and worse hygiene.  


Viva Flex Partials

The Italian dental technician Gianfranco Guerra wasn’t satisfied with any of the manufacturers so he started working on the development of his own material for dentures. And that is how the material Viva Flex Partials was created.

Viva FlexPartials is a modern polyamide P12 with even better polish, toughness, minimum absorbability and better color than all other polyamides that were used before to make flexible partial dentures. 

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