Dental hygiene

How not to lose your teeth? It is absolutely necessary to remove tooth plaque at least once a day from all the sides of the tooth, not just from the front and back side. We must never allow tooth plaque to turn into tartar. 


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The OOBrush

I first saw the electric toothbrush OO at a dental exhibition in Cologne. I became interested in this double brush technology – finally an electric toothbrush which cleans the teeth properly and massages the gums! I decided to bring the OO toothbrush to the Czech Republic and introduce it to our clients and anyone else who wants to have healthy teeth and gums. 

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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a topic that lately interests more and more people. Tooth whitening is starting to become a profitable business and it is offered not only by dentists but also beauty salons. Since the 31st of October, 2012 there has been a change in the legislation concerning the use of tooth whitening products. That is why I will try to summarize and explain this complicated topic. 

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Dental hygienists

Visit a dental hygienist. a dental hygienist will remove tartar from your teeth and teach you how to properly brush your teeth. Without removing tartar there is no point in starting proper dental hygiene. You cannot remove tartar yourself. 

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