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The website is a place for anyone who is looking for answers to questions about teeth. Dentists can find useful and new information, terms of working with us and the pricelist of our services.


Working with us

We are located in Brno but we work with dentists from all around the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Vienna. In Brno we offer our own transport, in other places we rely on couriers. 


Give us a call and we will take care of everything


Choose the shade from a photograph

The correct shade of dental prosthetics is essential for the patient’s satisfaction. The best way to choose the shade is from a photo. It is also the easiest way. 


How to take photos




Try full ceramic

We have been working with full ceramic for 7 years and we have only the best experiences with it. Offer your patients an option without metal – the best type of treatment.


We share our experiences



Start with zirconia


Full zirconia crowns are the easiest option of full ceramic. We usually make them for the posterior teeth using the CAD/CAM method. 

Learn about the advantages of zirconia

We are reducing the price of dentist officed material

We are changing the range of products and in the future we are going to mostly offer laboratory materials, mixing cannula for impressions and silicone for impressions Sildent. Our other products are currently on sale. 


Save on material


We use CAD/CAM 

We were one of the first dental labs in the Czech Republic to use CAD/CAM. Today we use it for making almost all types of dental prosthetics.


Get to know CAD/CAM

A precise impression is the most important

A dental prosthetic can fit perfectly only if you precisely capture the situation in the oral cavity. We cannot fix a bad impression but from a good quality impression we can make just a dental prosthetic that is just as good. 

How to take impressions correctly




Take a look at our pricelist

The dental technicians in JS LAB are some of the best that is why our pricelist take into account how demanding their work is. 


The pricelist for dentists




Offer your patients the OO toothbrush

OO is the first toothbrush to massage the gums, clean the teeth in a proper manner (using the Bass method) and from both sides at the same time. 


Read more about the OO toothbrush


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