Jiří Sedláček - founder of JS LAB


I connect the needs and wishes of dentists, patients and dental technicians. It’s hard work but I still love it...”





Dalibor Parák Dis. - manager of the lab


Jirka was looking for a teamleader. That's why I'm here and I lead our crew...





Ivo Kučera - managing director of dental lab Dentix s.r.o

We have been making with Jirka for more than 20 years and it’s still going great....Everything





Bc.Tomáš Papica - head of CAM department, dental technician

Modern technologies, CAD/CAM, computers – that’s what I like


Zdeňka Zelinková - head of department, dental technician


We started off in 1994 with Jirka at Kravi hora...and ever since I have been making braces for children in JS Lab. 



Drahomíra Vintrlíková - ceramic specialist


I have been making teeth for more than 25 years. I started with dentures  but ceramics are ceramics.



Kateřina Málková - head of department, dentures

Jirka tells everyone that I am the best prosthetic technician he knows...so I don’t want to disappoint him...


Petra Petlachová - ceramic specialist


I still feel like a graduate although I have been working in JS Lab for 17 years


Lucie Majerová - ceramic specialist, telescopes, combined dentures


They said: “Come work with us...” – so I went and I’m glad I did...



Lenka Ovadová - CAD/CAM specialist


I can do almost anything but most of the time I scan.  I also enjoy e-max  full press ceramics...




Pavla Kafková - ceramic specialist


I came to ask for a job and Jirka said: “Everyone is on holiday, come sit next to me and show me what you can do”. So I took a seat...


Jiří Kamínek - logistics specialist


I drive all over Brno. 


Petr Bor - ceramic specialist


Work makes you a better person....and Jirka keeps successfully testing this on me...


Michaela Krautová - CAD specialist

I know how to make nice full zirconia crowns from the models, through scanning, milling, staining and shading  all the way to the glaze.


Monika Ullmannová - composite inlay,onlay

I can make models, provisional temporary bridges, metalic dental posts, composite works and I’m learning ceramics...




Lenka Birošová DiS - dentures


I enjoy making dentures...

Thu Thao Nguyen - dental technician


I am learning, learning and learning...



This is where you could be too

I enjoy learning...I’m positive....I can choose the type of work I like:

1. Models      2. Ceramics           3. CAD, CAM

4. Administration     5. Working in the e-shop


So what are you waiting for? Call 777-553-226


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