Brenemark dental prosthetics


These are complete dentures which replace all the teeth. They do not rely on adhesion for attaching to the oral cavity. They are connected by attachments which are connected to the teeth’s roots or to implants. 

More about Brenemark dental prosthetics

Combined dentures

These are one of the technically most difficult types of dentures. It is a combination of fixed dental prosthetics,  which are crowns and bridges, and removable ones. 


Retention systems

Part of fixed dental prosthetics are elements, which fit exactly to other elements place on removable dental prosthetics. This is all supported by stabilizers which help keep the denture in the correct position and transfer the chewing pressure to the fixed prosthetics and through them directly to the jawbone.

Precise work

The production of these dentures is quite complicated and the patient’s satisfaction mainly depends on the skills of the dental technician and on using the right technique. It can often happen that the patient doesn’t even use the denture because it is not perfect. We do our best, and I hope that we are also successful in making the patients satisfied with our work. 


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