OO toothbrush 


Elektric toothbrush OO is different than others. It cleans the teeth and gums the proper way and from both sides at once. It does not irritate the gums and cleans even the hard to reach side of teeth. 

Correct method of cleaning


French dentists have created the OO toothbrush so it could clean teeth using the Bassovou metodou. This method cleans the teeth in a motion from the gums to the teeth. It is recommended for the proper cleaning of both teeth and gums by dentists all around the world. 


Prevention is crucial

The more care you put into your teeth and gums every day, the less time and money you need to spend in the dentist’s office. The OO toothbrush substitutes for a normal toothbrush, to complete the cleaning of your teeth and gums also use an interdental brush and a single toothbrush.


Comparison of different toothbrushes


Ideal for braces and dentures

The OO toothbrush does not get stuck in wires or brackets and cleans all the hard to get to places thanks to it’s rotational motions. It is also suitable for cleaning fixed and removable dentures. 




Electric toothbrush


Prevention is better than treatment. The better care you take of your teeth and gums, the less time you will spend in the dentist’s office. 

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Watch a video of how the OOBrush works


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