Dental hygiene 



Why we lose our teeth

Most people incorrectly think that problems with teeth are caused by our genes, pregnancy, some illness and many other things. The reason is….


...surprisingly simple




How to not need the dentist

It is absolutely necessary to remove tooth plaque from all sides of the tooth, not just from the front and back side. We must never allow tooth plaque to become tartar.

How to do this?



The OO toothbrush

If you don’t follow the instructions from the previous article one day, tooth plaque is formed…and you know how it continues.

If you follow at least the minimum of the instructions for dental hygiene and visit a dental hygienist at least once a year, you will not lose your teeth and you will never need a dental lab.

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Myths about dental health

There are many myths among people about lots of things. There are some very strong myths about dental health which this website cannot change. But I can at least try…


What are the most common myths


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The results of bad dental hygiene

We cause 99% of problems with teeth ourselves. I receive many queries from patients from all over the Czech Republic, many of them sound like this:

“Since childhood I have always been afraid of the dentist, so I haven’t been on any checkups and the condition of my teeth is…”

And these are the results



The hygiene of dentures

The regular cleaning of dentures is just as important as cleaning our own teeth. Tooth plaque is even on the surface of dentures. How to take care of dentures depends on if they are fixed or removable. 


More information




Why dental irrigators do not work

Among people there are many myths. One of these myths, supported by the manufacturers of dental irrigators, is about this dental hygiene device.


Find out more about this myth



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