We learn every day

When I opened my own dental lab in 1993 after my practice in Germany, I thought that I knew a lot. I was 25 years old and I soon found out that I actually know very little. Today I know that if you don’t want to get stuck, you must always be learning.

We behave decently

Modern technology and top-notch knowledge are useless without human decency.  That is why I only search for new team members, who have the same point of view as I do.  We behave decently to the patients, doctors and to each other.


Humility limits our confidence

We are good. We know that, but we are also aware that we must keep on working. That is why our healthy confidence is limited by our professional and personal humility.

We are patient and precise

We pride ourselves in being precise and we want our results to be a hundred percent. That is why we only work with reliable partners who share our philosophy.

We are open to change

We follow innovations in our field and try out new technologies. We don’t wait for them to come to us but actively seek them out.


Our story



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