Photo gallery


Full ceramic

Fixed dental prosthetics that do not contain metal.

PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)

PFM crowns and bridges.


Composite resins.


Complete dentures for all teeth.



Removable dentures.


They combine both removable and fixed dental prosthetics.


They hold well in the oral cavity.


Popular in Germany.


Learning how to take photos

In this section you can find photos of dental prosthetics on our patients. A good reference for a dental laboratory are not only satisfied patients but also photos of their products. Dental technicians who never take pictures of their work may also never be able to see the mistakes they make. The dental prosthetic can look good on the model but it can look very differently in the mouth. Or the other way around. Photos of our work mainly help us realise our imperfections and improve our work. 


Electric toothbrush


Prevention is always better than treatment. The better care you take of your teeth and gums, the less time you will need to spend in the dentist’s office.

Find out more about how the OO toothbrush works


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