Flexible partial dentures


They are made from thermoplastic. The flexibility influences the strength of the material, the body of the denture itself is not very flexible and in the direction of chewing motions it is practically not flexible at all. That is why it is not possible for the denture to bend or flex during chewing. 



Better retention in the oral cavity


The retention elements of the denture which are used to attach it, use the flexibility of the material to connect to the other teeth and that is why the retention of the denture is better.

On the photo is a Viva Flex denture. 

More photos of Viva Flex



Deflex dentures

There are more manufacturer of materials for flexible dentures in the world. The most common one in the Czech Republic is Deflex. But this material is unfortunately out of date.

More photos of Deflex


The main advantages of Viva Flex 

  Great esthetics – in the mouth they look better than Deflex

  Durable throughout time – no breakage or aging

 It is easier to work with and to polish and during repairs they can be attached to the original material



Do not underestimate missing teeth

Even a single missing tooth can be replaced with a flexible denture. It is an affordable solution, any type of flexible denture costs about 5000 CZK in the office of Mr. Kahánek, MD. It not a good idea to leave an empty space in the place of a missing tooth because it can cause the surrounding teeth to fall out too. When teeth do not have support next or opposite to them it can cause these teeth to move and lose strength. 

Take a look at how teeth can move

Correct indication

Some dentists refuse to use flexible dentures as long term solutions, mostly because they believe that thanks to their flexibility they do not properly transfer the pressure while chewing into the jawbone but only into the gums. On the contrary, the experiences of dentists who have been making flexible dentures for more than 10 years tell us of the opposite. We believe that it mainly depends on the correct indication and the quality of the denture. Any type of denture can be damaging if it is not properly made. 

Electronic toothbrush

Prevention is better than later treatment. The more care you take of your teeth and gums, the less time you will need to spend in the dentist’s office.  
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