Full ceramic

Full ceramic crowns and bridges are fixed dental prosthetics which do not contain metal.

To make them we use two materials:

1. Zirconia

2. Lithium disilicate


The advantages of full ceramic

1.Biocompatibility – they do not contain metal, there are no known cases of allergies
2. Esthetics – it is possible to achieve a very natural look
3. Precision – thanks to the CAD/CAM method the work is precise
4. Affordable – they do not cost much more than prosthetics containing metal
5. Strength – zirconia constructions have a flexural strength up to 1200 Mpa
6. Reliability – no chipping is possible

The procedure of making full ceramic

1. Dentist’s office – filing the tooth down, impressions, choosing the shade
2. Dental lab – creating a model, transferring it into the computer using a 3D scanner
3. Dental lab – modeling on the computer
4. Dental lab – making in a CNC mill
5. Dental lab – coating done by hand, filing, polishing
6. Dentist’s office – fitting in the patient’s mouth, approval of both patient and dentist, cementing

Electronic toothbrush

Prevention is better than later treatment. The more care you take of your teeth and gums, the less time you will need to spend in the dentist’s office. 
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Watch a video of us making full ceramic


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