A CAD/CAM dental laboratory

We were one of the first in the Czech Republic to start using CAD/CAM. Now almost 100% of our fixed dental prosthetics are made using this precise method.

Dalibor Parak Dis. – manager of dental lab JSLAB


CAD = computer aided design

Using a 3D dental scanner we can transfer the situation from our work models to the computer where we create the precise shape of the dental prosthetic’s construction using a special software. 

CAM = computer-aided manufacturing

In our dental lab we currently have 3 CNC dental milling machines. These are high performance and precise “robot” dental technicians. These colleagues mill perfect zirconia framework based on the computer design created in CAD software to the precision of a hundredth of a millimeter. 

Dental technician - IT specialist


In modern dental labs dental technicians also become IT specialist who design the structure of dental prosthetics on the computer screen using a mouse and keyboard.


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